Saturday, February 6, 2010

"Tempus Fugit"

This painting represents the passage of time, the passing of loved ones, the passing down of treasures. While we can hold the time pieces of our ancestors in our hands, the time marked by them slips through our fingers in the same way it has slipped through theirs. Time is the sum of all the parts of our lives, what we glean from history and the optimism we have for what lies ahead. This piece pays homage to time lost and is a reminder to make the most of the days we have; to live in the moment.

Time flies... it certainly does. Some might think it ironic that I would create a painting about time.Time, or the lack of it, seems to be a prominent theme in my life. I usually think there is much more room in the time I have, or maybe I have more plans than I have time for. Either way, I am often left taken by surprise and racing with the clock. Time always manages to escape my grasp while I'm busy doing other things.

Time to go.

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